7-Day Anxiety Melting Stoic Meditation Course

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The 7-Day Anxiety Melting Stoic Meditation Course

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“Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions; not outside.”
— Marcus Aurelius

Spend a week uprooting the source of your worry and doubt with 7 potent audio recordings that will shower your soul with tranquility and clarity.

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What People Say About the Course

The course has helped thousands of people with their anxiety and fear.
A brilliant course, crisply delivered. A refreshing approach to anxiety. It has noticeably helped me!
— Mandy
Excellent and informative... I found solice in the wisdom of the Stoics.
— Alison
This course is eye-opening and deep. Even though it is only 7 days, each day is powerful and provided me with a sense of strength. I feel with the practices in this course, I can get a better handle on my anxiety.
— Sheri

Here’s What’s Inside Your 7-Day Journey:

Day 1: What If  Technique To Uncover The Source of Your Anxiety

The first meditation will help you bring to light the source of your anxiety as you improve your ability to see the irrational thoughts contributing to the anxious pattern.

Day 2: Maxim Creation To Cut Through The Chaos and Return To Peace

The second meditation will arm you with a unique tool specific to your situation that you can use in real-time when the worry and doubt flare up so you can more easily weather the storm.

Day 3: Mindfulness of Sensations To Shift Anxiety From Enemy To Ally

The third meditation will help you cultivate the skill of observing your feelings without judgment to resolve emotional negative feedback loops and reduce the intensity of the anxiety.

Day 4: View From Above To Gain Perspective and Reframe The Narrative

The fourth meditation will help reframe despair and hopelessness by placing our anxiety in a broader context creating a pathway for greater peace.

Day 5: Premeditation of Adversity To Build Resilience and Heal Anxiety

The fifth meditation will guide you through a visualization exercise to confront your anxiety in a safe space so it begins to lose its hold on you as you generate the confidence to face it in reality

Day 6: The Amor Fati Formula For Deep Acceptance of What Is

The sixth meditation will keep you from arguing with reality and begin generating love for your circumstances thus empowering you to make changes from grounded reverence rather than resistance.

Day 7: The Final Contemplation To Annihilate Core Fears

The seventh meditation shifts denial of death into a recognition of its beautiful naturalness to inspire a more vibrant appreciation of life while silencing core fears.

Designed To Actually Get You Results

Don’t just read and forget. This experience is designed to help you apply 7 powerful stoic techniques for resolving anxiety in your daily life.

If it doesn’t help you, you don't have to continue with the free trial.