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Life becomes a lot more joyful when you aren't emotionally bashed around by the whims of fortune. Would you like to be able to remain grounded through life's inevitable storms?

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My Free, 7-Day Adversity to Advantage

The best way to level up your resilience and ability to turn obstacles into opportunities is to take my relationship course on Stoic Handbook +. If you don't have a subscription, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial. You are welcome to cancel during the trial so you don't have to pay for it if it doesn't seem to help.

"Arguably, the best course I’ve listened to. Can’t wait to listen to it multiple times. Stoicism is very intriguing to me. Ryan Holiday would love it. Oh and the Jacko Willink references were great. Thanks so much!!!"
— Matt
"An excellent course, worthy of repeating for practice and to have the concepts become more engrained in my mind. Every day was a new twist-the two standouts for me were thinking about “the last time” and the idea of “gratitude for what I’ve escaped.”
— Katie
The Stoic Handbook Premium by Jon Brooks
Premium Stoic meditation courses, lessons, and AMAs with Jon Brooks.

Top Articles to Increase Resilience

Freedom From the Fear of Death: Why No Event Can Be “Bad”
Chapter 5 / 53: Here Epictetus reminds us of the cardinal rule of Stoic philosophy: it is not events that disturb us, but our opinions of them. A simple idea, but without it, there is no Stoicism.

5 Podcasts on Resilience Training

Seneca On The Value of Past Hardship - The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks
In today’s audio lesson I read out and reflect on the following quote by Seneca: “This is the touchstone of such a spirit; no prizefighter can go with high spirits into the strife if he has never been beaten black and blue; the only contestant who...
The Complete “View From Above” Stoic Meditation - The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks
This meditation is one of the most powerful of all the Stoic techniques. The Stoics realized that when you mentally step back and away from a difficult situation— sometimes called cognitive distancing, disassociation, and detachment—you are able t...
Stoicism is Martial Arts for the Mind - The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks
I am a longtime practitioner of martial arts, but my greatest love is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The depth of this practice has truly transformed the way I relate to my body, my “self” and the world around me. But most importantly it has shown me how to...
Stoic Resilience Training: Experience The Death Of Seneca - The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks
Seneca’s death is legendary because of the way he exhibited his Stoic values right until the end. Premeditation of adversity is one of the great Stoic techniques in which you mentally fortify yourself against future misfortunes. Arguably the most ...
Hard Challenges Unlock Inner Superpowers - The Stoic Handbook by Jon Brooks
Stay updated with all Stoic Handbook podcasts, courses, and articles, you can sign up here. ---This episode features my breakdown of the following quote: For every challenge, remember the resources you have within you to cope with it. Provoked by...

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