My Online Courses

I have a lot of free guides, articles, and podcasts on the internet. These resources are for those who want to go further into my more structured, deep-dive experiences.

🌊 Stoic Anxiety Mastery Video Course

I struggled with anxiety for many years and went on a deep quest to figure it out and overcome its negative effects. Like many people, I felt like I had a ton of potential but worries, insecurities, and fears held me back. This is the course I wish I had to massively speed up my progress in developing confidence in all situations.

If you'd like to go deep into my Stoic approach to overcoming anxiety, Stoic Anxiety Mastery would be perfect for you. I focus on integrating different fields, so there are a lot of Buddhist philosophy and cognitive therapy components in there too. I've outlined what's included on this page.

Stoic Anxiety Mastery by Jon Brooks
The ultimate Stoic blueprint for transmuting debilitating fear into heroic courage.

💎 Stoic Handbook Premium

This is currently the closest thing you'll find on the internet to my Stoic meditation app. It's a private podcast feed where I upload audio versions of all of my meditation courses, workshops, ad-free episodes, and premium content.

It's $7 a month or $5.25 when paying annually and much better for you than Netflix, but if you want, you can sign up for the 7-day free trial and cancel without being charged.

The Stoic Handbook Premium by Jon Brooks
Premium Stoic meditation courses, lessons, and AMAs with Jon Brooks.
7-Day Radical Gratitude Stoic Meditation Course
The Stoic Survival Guide to Navigating Troubled Relationships and Toxic People
6 Stoic Tactics to Escape Negative Thought Loops