Nous #2: Loving-Kindness, Cosmic Perspective, and Social Anxiety

Nous #2: Loving-Kindness, Cosmic Perspective, and Social Anxiety


And the overlap between Buddhism and Stoicism...

🏹 Stoic Wisdom Arrows

🪐 Trust the Cosmic Perspective: In this article, I explain why it’s sometimes important to step outside of our small “Self” and enter into a cosmic perspective. Read here.

💜 Complete Stoic Loving-Kindness Meditation: Develop your love of people, love of humanity, and love of service with this Stoic compassion meditation. Listen here.​

👨‍👩‍👦 Owning Your Role in Relationships: Why it’s important to focus on yourself more than the other in relationships because we can’t control other people. Read here.

🧘 Were the Early Stoics Buddhist Monks?

Donald Robertson Explains

In an ongoing series with Stoic writer Donald Robertson, I asked him to elaborate on the overlap between Buddhism and Stoicism. The two philosophies are intriguing insofar as they complement each other quite well and both have strategies for attaining emotional freedom.

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📜 Featured Breakdown

Using Challenges to Build Character

For every challenge, remember the resources you have within you to cope with it. Provoked by the sight of a handsome man or a beautiful woman, you will discover within you the contrary power of self-restraint… In time, you will grow to be confident that there is not a single impression that you will not have the moral means to tolerate.
— Enchiridion, Chapter 10, Epictetus

The same is true with pain, it will elicit the choice between victimhood and endurance, both are within you.

The next time you get insulted, be thankful because you will discover the virtue of patience.

With enough practice, you will soon experience every challenge as a great opportunity to guide you toward virtue.

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