Welcome to the Inner Citadel!

👋 Hello Dear Stoic!

My name is Jon Brooks.

If you met me in the street, you might not think much was going on beneath the surface. Perhaps I'd come across as just a regular "friendly" guy.

But after some time with me, you might start to question that initial impression...

"Why doesn't he react to things so strongly?"
"How does he seem so calm?"
"Why does he nearly always seem to be in a good mood?
"How does he have the courage and confidence to go after what he chooses?"

If you asked the right questions, you may start to glimpse the invisible philosophy that was guiding my thoughts and actions.

You see, I'm part of a modern wave of practicing Stoics.

I've been practicing Stoicism for over 15 years and I've been a full-time Psychology writer and podcaster since 2014.

I focus on using the ancient philosophy of Stoicism as a blueprint for the art of living while synthesizing it with modern research into happiness and well-being.

The key is in the practice. I don't see Stoicism as simply a fancy set of theories to philosophize over. Instead, I see Stoicism as a set of psychological and emotional skills that we must train at improving.

I like to think of Stoicism as martial arts for the mind, and I use my background in Brazilian jiu-jitsu to help myself and those I teach to approach life as a discipline to be mastered.

Just as we learn a new grappling technique by breaking it into its constituent parts, and practicing again and again until we have mastered it and can use it in the dojo, we can do it with Stoicism and the mind until we are prepared to face any situation.

My goal is to make ancient wisdom accessible and practical so you can begin seeing immediate results starting now. I give people the tools to become braver, wiser, and more patient so that they can become a happier and more confident version of themselves.

Turn your mind into a fortress

📜 The 5 Stoic Handbook Core Tenets

As a Stoic, I uphold certain values that inform my every decision and action. These values, these guiding principles, are as follows:

1) I choose experimentation over untested beliefs

Only through rigorous examination can we come to know the truth.

2) I prefer deep simplicity over shallow complexity.

The most profound solutions are often the most elegant.

3) I embrace innovation over blind dogma.

To cling to old ways is to deny oneself the potential for growth and progress.

4) I believe in leading by example, rather than making empty promises.

True leadership is demonstrated through action, not mere words.

5) I prioritize skill acquisition over knowledge alone

True mastery can only be achieved through practice and application.

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